The Ultimate Maternity Photoshoot Prep Guide: Capture Your Glow

Mama-to-be, this is your moment! Celebrate the incredible journey of pregnancy with a stunning maternity photoshoot in Melbourne. Those tiny kicks and the curve of your belly are reminders of the extraordinary journey you’re on. A maternity photoshoot isn’t just about beautiful pictures, it’s about preserving a deeply emotional time. Imagine those beautiful photos displayed in your home, a constant reminder of the love you felt carrying your baby. This guide will reveal the pregnancy photoshoot ideas and maternity photoshoot tips to planning a photography experience you’ll absolutely adore.

And guess what? It’s also your baby’s first photoshoot! They might not be out in the world yet, but we guarantee they’ll love seeing these beautiful portraits of their time spent growing cosy in your tummy.

Whether this is your first pregnancy, or your 4th (for you super mums out there), we’ve put this Essential Guide on how to prepare for your Maternity session together for you, so you can make the most of your maternity photography session, and have photos captured that you will love.

Pregnancy can be hard, from the aching back to the heartburn and sleepless nights, but you will miss that bump. There will be a time in a few months when you’re absentmindedly rubbing where your newborn used to be, remembering that magical feeling of growing a new life in you.

A modern bedroom scene showing 3 pieces of maternity photography wall art featuring a mum in a flowing white dress with her partner.

Timing is Key: When to Book Your Maternity Photoshoot

The earlier you can book your session, the better. We recommend booking your Maternity Photoshoot once you get the good news at your 20-week scan. Photographers’ schedules can book out in advance, and some like us, take on only a limited number of sessions a month.

The Perfect Window: Best Time for Your Maternity Photoshoot.

We recommend maternity sessions take place between 30-34 weeks of your pregnancy. You’re in the final stretch of the pregnancy, and we want to capture your beautiful glow. The earlier your belly ‘pops’, the earlier we can do the shoot. Your Maternity Photoshoot can of course take place later, but your legs will tire and you won’t want to be standing for long periods.

a moody black and white maternity photograph of a pregnant lady in lingerie with her partner embracing her

Your Vision, Your Photoshoot: Personalizing Your Experience

No two mums are the same, so we have Discovery Calls to get to know you and what you want out of your Maternity Photoshoot, so we can have it all planned out. Book a photographer who can work with your vision. For instance we can capture both studio portraits and outdoor sunset sessions all on our property. Also, consider whether you are interested in any nude or partially nude photos. It’s up to you what you’re comfortable with. Your Maternity Photoshoot can be beautiful, sexy, or relaxed. The shoot is in your hands.

Pamper Time: Feeling Radiant for Your Maternity Photography

Your photoshoot is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! A fresh manicure, professional hair and makeup (if you’d like), then slipping into a stunning gown of ours. This boost of confidence will radiate in your photos, creating images you’ll treasure forever.

a moody colour maternity photograph of a pregnant lady in a wine coloured lace gown with her partner embracing her

Prep for Your Best Pregnancy Photoshoot: Rest and Hydration

In the days leading up to your session, prioritize getting good rest (as much as a growing belly allows!) and stay hydrated. This will help you feel refreshed and energized, minimizing dark circles and giving your skin a healthy glow. We have bottled still and flavoured mineral water in the studio, and change and toilet facilities as well.

Celebrate with Loved Ones: Including Family in Your Maternity Photography

Maternity photoshoots are about celebrating your growing family. Partners and your other children are absolutely welcome! Their presence will add an extra layer of love and joy to your photographs.

Family Maternity Photoshoot of a pregnant mother in a gold sequenced gown with her cvhild and husband
Family Maternity Photoshoot of a pregnant mother in a gold sequenced gown with her daughter

Stunning Outfits: What to Wear for Your Maternity Photoshoot

Choose clothes that accentuate your beautiful bump! Snug-fitting dresses, flowy gowns, or even a classic jeans-and-top combo can look amazing. We have a wardrobe of stunning maternity wear at the studio, or if you have your own favourites, let’s discuss how to style them perfectly. Skin-toned or colour-coordinated underwear are best, especially if you’re interested in some semi-nude shots.

Wardrobe Tips: Choosing Colours and Styles that Shine

For the best maternity photography, stick to simple, solid colours and timeless designs for your partner and children. This keeps the focus on you and coordinates with a variety of home décor styles if you choose to display your photos. Avoid loud patterns or logos that might distract in the images.

Bonus Tip: Keeping Little Ones Happy During Your Photoshoot

Here’s a maternity photoshoot tip, if you’re bringing kids, have a favourite toy or snack ready to keep them entertained when they’re not in front of the camera. A little pre-photoshoot planning goes a long way!

Maternity Photoshoot Wall Art

Relax and Enjoy: Stress-Free Photoshoot Mindset

Try to relax and have fun! Your maternity session photographer will guide you through everything. Embrace this special time, and let the joy and excitement shine through in your photos.

What now?

Ready to capture the magic of your pregnancy? Contact us to book your dream maternity photoshoot! Let’s start planning!

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