Maternity Photoshoot: The Ultimate Guide on how to prepare for your Maternity session

Congratulations on your pregnancy! For some couples it’s already been a long journey to just get to this stage.As the relief starts to settle in that you are actually pregnant, the list starts to grow of everything to get organised before your bundle of joy enters the world. But don’t just put a Maternity Photoshoot on there and forget about it! You are special, and we want you to feel that. A Maternity Photoshoot is a great way to mark the joy and anticipation as your family is about to grow and being able to look back on these moments with fondness.

Whether this is your first pregnancy, or your 4th (for you super mums out there), we’ve put this Ultimate Guide on how to prepare for your Maternity session together for you, to make the most of your session, and have photos captured that you will love.

Pregnancy can be hard, from the aching back, to the heartburn and sleepless nights, but you’re actually going to miss that bump. There will be a time in a few months where you’re absentmindedly rubbing where your newborn used to be, remembering that magical feeling of growing a new life in you.

Maternity Photoshoot Wall Art

When to book in your Maternity Photoshoot?

The earlier you can book your session, the better. We recommend to book in your Maternity Photoshoot once you get the good news at your 20 week scan. Photographer’s schedules can book out in advance, and some like us, take on only a limited number of sessions a month.

When should your Maternity Photoshoot take place?

We recommend maternity sessions take place between 30-34 weeks of your pregnancy. You’re in the final stretches of the pregnancy, and we want to capture your beautiful glow. The earlier your belly ‘pops’, the earlier we can do the shoot. Your Maternity Photoshoot can of course take place later, but your legs will tire and you won’t want to be standing for longer periods of time.

Let your desires be known.

No two mums are the same, which is why we have Discovery Calls to get to know you and what you are wanting out of your Maternity Photoshoot so we can have it all planned out. Talk to your photographer about what photos are important to you for your session. Also have a think about whether you are interested in any nude or partially nude photos. Its up to you what you’re comfortable with. Your Maternity Photoshoot can be beautiful, sexy, or relaxed, the shoot is in your hands.

It’s time to feel beautiful again. Pamper Yourself.

As you approach the final stages of your pregnancy, do you really need an excuse to dress up and feel great about yourself again? When have you made time for you to feel beautiful again?

Your hands will be in all photos so make sure your nails look great for your Maternity Photoshoot. If its in your budget, and something you enjoy, get your hair, and make up done. If not, you know what looks best on you already. Avoid anything that can make your face look too shiny, and feel free to go a bit bolder on your makeup to help accentuate your eyes and lips on camera.

Maternity Photoshoot

Sleep well and stay hydrated

Take it easy the night before our session (as much as possible if you’re growing an active little one), and make sure to stay hydrated on the day. We have bottled still and flavoured mineral water in the studio, and change and toilet facilities as well.

Who will you bring with you to your Maternity Photoshoot?

Maternity sessions are all about the Mum, so we will photograph you in all your glowing glory. It is also a special time for the rest of the family, so we encourage partners and any other children to also come along and take part in capturing these magical moments.

Family Maternity Photoshoot
Family Maternity Photoshoot

What to wear to your Maternity Photoshoot?

Now is not the time for baggy clothing! We want to be able to show off that beautiful bump in all its glory. If you have something you’d love to wear, let us know so we can help with styling, otherwise we have a beautiful selection of gowns available at the studio.

Skin toned underwear, or underwear matching dress (or fabric) colours is ideal, and something lacy can look great for semi nude photos.

Keep your colours and tones simple.

For partners and children, pick tones that can compliment your dress selections, and anywhere in your home you may wish to hang wall art. Crazy patterns or logos are best avoided, anything that can take the attention away from you in the photos.

Entertainment for your kids.

If kids are coming along, we recommend bringing something to entertain the kids during the parts of the session that do not involve them, including the Design Consultation that happens straight afterwards where you get to see and select the photos you love for purchase.

Maternity Photoshoot Wall Art

Don’t stress.

Most importantly, just try to relax and not worry about your session. buuuuut we know its easier said than done.

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