Frequently Asked Questions

If something isn’t available here, hit us up via the contact page, or email us to ask any questions

Our studio is located in Gisborne, Victoria. If you scroll to the bottom of any page, you’ll find a map to get directions.

Session fees are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a different date. Children get sick and unforeseen issues arise, so if you need to reschedule, please get in touch as soon as you can so we are able to slot another family into your place. 

Of course you can, whether its recommended is another story. Prints purchased through Dreams In Colour Photography are edited with a colour calibrated workflow, from the camera, to the monitors we use, to the professional printers who only service professional photographers.

If you print them at your local department store there is no guarantee they will look as we intended, and how you expect them to look either.

Yep! Both Nicolette and Scott are immunised, as is our immediate family.

We provide beautiful products to suit all budgets and tastes. Simply purchase what you love the most. As a guide, the average spend is between $1000 – $3000, with prices ranging from $185 to $2495.

It is recommended to keep an open mind though when coming into the photography session and design consultation, as once you see the beautiful photographs from your session, any thoughts of just buying one print quickly leave. It can be a good idea to educate all financial decision makers prior to the photography session to avoid heartbreak on the day, as having wall art or an album of your family or your new addition to the family is often all you have to look back on.

We have 3 options:

Option 1: Pay in full on the day of design consultation, this gets you your artworks the quickest.

Option 2: Lay by with Dreams In Colour Photography. This allows you to pay off your artwork on agreed upon terms. Oncve the payment has been made in full your art work will be ordered.

Option 3: Payright. Take advantage with 0% Interest* to spread the cost over 6 or 12 months. – form more information CLICK HERE

Payment options include, Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos, and cash.

Sessions vary depending on what type of session you are booking. Newborn sessions are usually up to 3hours whereas family portraits are up to an 1hour. Once your session is completed, we’ll take a short break to get the files ready, before allowing 1-1.5 hours for a Cinematic reveal and design consultation, which allows us to select your favourite images and together we will design your artwork.

All Dreams In Colour Artwork includes matching digital files, with the exception of the single 8×10” print. For instance, a 30×20 print includes the digital file for that 20×30” print. Our heirloom Albums and Portrait Boxes also contain digital files of all photographs in those products

As a bonus, if your spend on the day is over $3000 we’ll include all the digital files from your session (35-40 photographs)

We don’t provide Raw or un-edited images, as Dreams In Colour Photography has a certain style and look, and that is what people are after when they come to us for our photographic experience.

As for editing the images we provide, you wouldn’t put an instagram filter over a Picasso would you!

Artistically we feel some photographs suit black and white and some colour, and to our discretion we provide a mix of both colour and black & white photographs.

Your style and where you are wanting to display your art work in your home often dictates what to wear to your photography session. We will touch closer to your session to finalise all details and offer suggestions on what will work best in your photography session. But we usually recommend matching colour tones without any prints or patterns on them.

All artworks are made to order to suit your home, design and style. Please allow 4-6weeks to produce your artwork.

All purchased images will stay on our servers for as long as we can manage, and non purchased files will be removed 1 week after the Design Consultation due to storage constraints.  

It is extremely advisable to make sure you back up your purchased digital files to avoid any heartbreak down the line if you lose them.

The safest place for your photographs is in your home, in print, on your walls, where you and your family can enjoy them for years to come.

We charge a session fee upfront to cover the session itself, and that’s all you need to spend until you get to see all your beautiful images, and will be blown away with how much you love. Then you are available to buy what you love.

For studio sessions, after the shoot we’ll take a short break to prepare the files. After this, we have the Cinematic Reveal where we get to watch a beautiful presented slideshow of your photos from the session. Then we have the difficult task of together picking your favourite images, and then designing your beautiful artwork or albums.

Please make sure to back up your digital files, as we do not guarantee keeping your files and being able provide you with a copy. If we have a copy, there is a $150 recovery fee.

The safest place for your photographs is in your own, in print, on your walls, where you and your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Of course. If you can, please share the love and tag Dreams In Colour photography on any images you post.

Of course. Sneak peeks on social media is often a great way of keeping the excitement and anticipation up for you, and we are more than happy not to tag you or use names in the post. But if really don’t want anything online, just let us know and we will honour that.

Any gift certificates from promotions or giveaways are given away on the condition of images from the shoot being used on social media.

Please see the terms and conditions page on our website.

What is included in your Gift Certificate varies, but generally will include the credit for the session fee and cinematic reveal and design consultation. From there all gift vouchers are different, some may include print credit or a free product, others are just the session fee. What your gift certificate includes will be printed on there.

Feel free to get in touch with Dreams In Colour Photography regarding any charities or fundraisers you are organising. We are more interested in auctions or silent auctions as the recipient is someone specifically interested in the product, as opposed to a raffle or randomly selected winner.

We like to post sneak peeks on social media to keep you excited and the anticipation high for your finished works, and the model release allows us to legally do this.