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  • Kathryn Morley

Silk Story [Read More...]

We're obsessed with autumn's latest trend, a Parisian inspired silk scarf with endless ways to wear. Here find five of our favourite ways to wear these lovelies. 

1. Open Drape

This classic style looks great over a crisp white button down and felt hat. Pair with skinnies and your autumn boots for a weekend chic look. 

2. Head Scarf 

Channel your inner Audrey and Jackie with this bolder style. Tie to the side for an even trendier look. Follow this simple diagram for how-to's. 

3. The Shrug

Simply drape your scarf over your shoulders over a solid button down to see the full beauty of this baby. 

4. Wrap Around

Tie the ends together of your scarf for this style and wrap around as many times as you desire. 

5. The Top Know

Tie your scarf as you would a bib, behind your neck, leaving some extra on each end to wrap back around. 

Share your favourite scarf style with us on Instagram using the hashtag #dreamsincolour! 

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  • Kathryn Morley